Yacht Club Rimini

The Yacht Club Rimini (YCRN) was established in the spring of 2018 by a large group of enthusiasts with the goal of revitalizing sailing in Rimini to the highest levels. The club currently has 300 registered members. YCRN was founded out of a love for the sea and nautical activities and is guided by the principles of transparency and internal democracy. This allows its members to have an associative experience marked by conviviality, friendship, and serenity.

BLUSea Sailing School

BLUSea’s High Seas Sailing School is an evolution of the “Riviera di Rimini Sailing Team,” from which it inherits a passion for the sea and the professionalism gained over the years. Its primary goal is the promotion of high seas sailing. With BLUSea, sailing is made easy, and everyone can become skilled sailors. BLUSea aims to give those who wish to approach and get to know the sea through sailing the opportunity to do so. Anyone can attend their courses, as no specific preparation is required. For those who become passionate and want to continue and expand their nautical experience, BLUSea offers the chance to continue their education to the highest levels, both in terms of competition in various classes and in terms of pure cruising navigation. This is made possible through the valuable collaboration of their federal instructors and coaches.

East Coast Experience

Our fleet has always been highly appreciated by guests, and for us, this is a source of great pride.

The fleet consists of sailboats, vintage boats, luxury yachts, fishing boats, motorboats, and inflatables.

Our goal has always been to offer the utmost comfort during excursions and a sea experience that rightfully exceeds expectations. We offer various activities, such as sailing and motorboat excursions, aperitifs, dinners, bachelor parties, Party Boat events, Team Building activities, Vallugola and Conero weekend getaways, and cruises to destinations like Croatia and Sicily.

Diving Center

Dive Planet is synonymous with great diving, but also offers a wide range of recreational activities. Beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and theme parks are all part of the experience.

It’s the only Instructor Training Center in the province of Rimini with hundreds of scuba instructor courses under its belt. With over 27 years of experience and dozens of dive trips, the Dive Planet team are true experts in scuba travel.

Dive Planet collaborates with the best Tour Operators, renowned diving facilities, and draws on its extensive experience to create unforgettable memories for participants.

Their commitment is to consistently offer excellent and innovative services to meet customer needs and make them feel at home.

Ayurvedic treatments with Gaia Galletti

“In a person who receives oil massage regularly, the body, even if subject to accidents or hard work, is not affected much. His physique remains soft, flexible, strong and beautiful. Through regular application of oil massage, old age is banished.” (Carakasamitha, Sutrasthana 88-89)


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