Marine Services


Marine Services

The shipyard is able to guarantee a perfect and comprehensive storage service in the yard for the winter care of boats.

The facility has an area of 6,000 square meters. Winter storage is essential for the safety and proper preservation of the boat. After sailing throughout the season, it is recommended that yachts undergo routine maintenance activities to extend their lifespan and ensure optimal performance for as long as possible.
The storage services offered by the shipyard take care of the boat when it is out of the water, following a proven and appreciated process by its Italian and foreign customers:

● Hauling the boat out of the water and hull cleaning with a high-pressure washer
● Winterizing engines, generators, hydraulic, and electrical systems that come into contact with seawater
● On-land storage with a total shrink-wrap nylon cover
● Battery maintenance
● Hull painting and replacement of anodes
● Various servicing (engines, generators, tenders, jet skis)
● Bilge cleaning
● Inspection and supply of life rafts, fire extinguishers, and firefighting systems
● Interior and exterior cleaning
● Inspection of all mechanical and electrical utilities
● Launching back into the water
● Boat transfers
● Refitting services


We are a one-stop solution for all boat repair and renovation activities. At our facility, you can find all the answers and technical staff to breathe new life into your boat, whether it’s made of wood or fiberglass. If there’s something about your boat that doesn’t meet your satisfaction, let’s talk about it, and together we’ll find the most suitable solution for you.

Winter storage

Winter storage can be done either outdoors in dry storage with shrink-wrap protection or in the water to safeguard your asset. Our technical staff can perform a checklist of the boat together with you, which not only identifies the efficiency status of the boat but also provides a complete overview of the interventions to be scheduled to keep the boat in top condition. The shipyard has a usable area of about 6,000 square meters, where, in addition to winter storage, all the necessary work for boats is carried out: from hull cleaning to propeller and shaft cleaning, painting, antifouling application, mast stepping, and all routine and extraordinary maintenance. The shipyard can also provide its services at boat mooring locations during both the winter and summer seasons.


This is the core operation, and it remains one of the most performed in shipyards. For us, it is and remains one of the primary services. Even after several years, the hull of your sail or motorboat should appear smooth and polished with a thin layer, a few microns thick, and should not have any chipping or detachment from the support. A well-done hull will make you consume less fuel. This is our working practice, recommended by the best worldwide antifouling manufacturers and supported by our three-decade-long experience. The boat is lifted and immediately washed with a cold high-pressure rotating water jet, which performs an initial peeling, removing bacteria and superficial and loosely attached calcareous formations. A self-polishing antifouling, sometimes used on sailboats, is almost completely removed at these pressures. The hull is then placed on “blocks” and freed from the straps, allowing it to dry. At this point, it undergoes a light sanding to make the surface uniform and prepare it for antifouling application. Thus, the hull is ready to return to the sea. Hulls prepared in this way will always look like they are being prepared for the first time, and as usual, the savings will come from a job well done!

List of Services

● Mechanical assistance on any engine with our own technicians
● Engine and Generator Servicing
● Pump and Fire System Checks
● Shaft Line Inspection and Propeller Calibration
● Interior and Engine Room Cleaning
● Fiberglass Bodywork
● Painting
● Hull Polishing
● Osmosis Treatment
● Interior/Exterior Teak Installation
● Installation of Electronic Instruments
● All Woodwork Services



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Subscription Services with the Shipyard Card

The boat transfer from the dock to the dry dock for hauling

The boat transfer from the dry dock to the dock

Annual checks

(period from November to January)


• Hull cleaning check
• Zinc consumption status check
• Propulsion propeller cleaning check
• Manoeuvring propeller cleaning check
• Seawater inlet cleaning check


• Check for the presence of water in the bilge
• Check the manual operation of bilge pumps
• Check the maneuverability of seacocks
• Check the expiration date of the life raft
• Check the expiration date of signal flares
• Check the engine oil level
• Check the coolant fluid level”

Where we are

Lat. 44° 04’.64N – Long. 012°34’.40E – Viale Ortigara, 80 – 47900 Rimini (RN)